A flawless rock legend bio pic! Rami Malek is Freddy Mercury!  Sure there will be critics to point out that the movie does not accurately follow the historical facts of the rise of Queen and the flamboyant life of Freddy Mercury, an immigrant from India in England.  However, how many biopics can capture an entire legacy from to start to finish and grip the audience?  Many have tried leaving people feeling as though they are lacking the essence of the artist, but not this film directed by Brian Singer.  This film has Oscar buzz written all over it.  Even if you are not a fan of Queen, you can appreciate the making of this extraordinary music legend ahead of his time.  The next time you are at a sporting event and hear the crowd “thump, thump, clap!” before the “We Will Rock You” anthem, you will appreciate Freddy Mercury more by watching this movie.  Plus, if you get a chance to catch the Live Aid concert also on YouTube and watch the performance by Queen, you will be in for a treat.  This movie gets a thumbs up!

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