During LA Style Fashion Week at The Reef in Downtown Los Angeles, not a single chair was empty as fashionistas stood 5 people deep to catch a glimpse of the latest creations from Adolfo Sanchez and his namesake, Adolfo Sanchez Designs.  For those unlucky to not have a seat, many waived cameras up-in-the-air and over-their-heads trying to capture the essence and energy of the models flaunting Adolfo’s latest designs.

Julia Laus - Adolfo Sanchez

His sexy, edgy, and elegant design creations are made for the sassy woman that knows what she wants and appreciates individuality and uniqueness.  One of the showstopper designs that caught everyone’s attention was when model Julia Laus (model to far left in picture) did a solo walk down the runway in an amazing chandelier inspired outfit that turned heads and was heavily shared on social media.

Adolfo continues to inspire and continues to outdo himself in each new show straight from California and into the world of fashion.


Photo courtesy of LSB Photography


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