Ross Ulbricht is a brilliant man-child, the kind that can solve a Rubix Cube in less than a minute, but always has trouble committing for the long run.  It’s almost as once he masters something he loses interest and is afraid to compete which is probably one of the reasons why he gave up on participating in Rubix Cube Championships.

Ross’ worldviews primarily because of his age and inexperience are based on books and in particular those dealing with economics and philosophy.  Coming from a world of privilege with both parents and a sister with no visible appearance of ever being in need of food, clothing, and shelter presumably because his parents provide him with everything and thus a man-child in extended adolescence, Ross takes the printed word at face value and embraces Libertarianism.

Almost as an exercise in experimenting with his philosophical inclinations, young Ross decides to use the latest tools of online anonymity with the Tor browser and Bitcoin to create the online Amazon superstore of illegal drugs.  Ross becomes the first Cyber Criminal Drug Lord in a sense.

Things get tricky when the Silk Road online drug marketplace starts getting attention and notoriety both on the mainstream media and social networks.  The ease at which drugs are bought, sold, and distributed using the US postal alarms law enforcement and politicians.  Here is where DEA agent Rick Bowden comes into the picture, he is no angel and is fulll of his personal demons, but is an old school cop in a world shifting quickly to twentysomething year old cyber sleuths.

We all know what happens next as Ross ended up in prison with a life sentence and no possibility of parole and Silk Road gives you a play-by-play of how good old fashioned detective work along with the most sophisticated cyber sleuths working in law enforcement bring down Ross Ulbricht.

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