Ready for a heartfelt romantic comedy?  This movie takes the mail order bride concept to a  whole new level by delving into the inner lives of the people involved and the true emotional feelings of love and companionship that cannot be bought with a comedic twist.

The story unfolds with Anna’s mom interested in the well being of her daughter to leave her small town in Russia and convinces her to be a mail order bride to an American husband.  On the surface, everything seems grand for Anna (Ksenia Valenti), the big house, the successful husband, and the picture perfect marriage.

Her husband Bill (Richard Neil) may have been her meal ticket out of a small town in Russia, but the young Anna yearns for real love.  In addition, she is tired of being a trophy wife, feels neglected by her husband, and is trapped inside a big home with only the maid as her friend.  Then one day as love would have it, Anna meets a young poor chef Matt (Dan Creed) and the magic of attraction takes its course.  Will Anna find true love?  Watch and find out.  You will be pleased with Ksenia Valenti’s comedic talents.

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