How many more college athlete scandals must we endure before we realize that student athletes deserve to be paid.  We have all heard the stories of unscrupulous sports agents circling college campuses like vultures essentially bribing student athletes or their parents so that when they are eligible to become professional athletes that they sign with the agent.  One of the biggest scandals which devastated an entire college football program dates back to 2010 when the NCAA handed down USC harsh penalties related to football player Reggie Bush having received “benefits” while a student athlete.  Well, Reggie Bush has long since retired and the penalties still sting.  California Governor Gavin Newsom did something today to help change and facilitate the ability for student athletes to be paid for their name and likeness related to college sports.  In typical Los Angeles/Hollywood fashion, Governor Newsom took the opportunity while on LA Lakers Lebron James’ show to announce the signing of the historic bill.  Lawsuits from the NCAA are sure to follow, but for now, California is at the forefront in making sure student athletes are able to get paid for their work.


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