Want to see two genres combined into a 2-hour plus action film?  If yes, then this film is for you, Army of the Dead combines the popular heist genre with zombies.  After an accidental military outbreak, the inhabitants of Las Vegas are turned into zombies. Lead by Dave Bautista as Scott Ward, the US government is able to contain the zombies within the city.  With nothing left to do, Dave and his team of military specialists have drifted into boring low paying civilians lives, until Bly Tanaka (played by Hiroyuki Sanada) presents an interesting proposition – break into the heavily guarded zombie zone and steal $200 Million from one of the casino’s vaults. It did not take much to convince Scott Ward to put together a rag tag team to accept the challenge and seek their fortune. Afterall, as Scott Ward mentioned, it’s time they do something for themsleves instead of always playing hero to everyone else…  As an added twist to the zombie genre, our team of would be casino bandits will encounter zombies unlike any other…  Will our anti-heroes survive with the loot?  Watch the movie and find out.


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