Director Adrian Bol takes you on a faced paced journey through Moscow, Kiev, and London in this action packed thriller of intrigue and spy games.  Scott Adkins plays Martin Baxter, who was using the cover of a journalist to get close to enemies of the state wishing to reveal other undercover agents.  In a turn of events, Martin turned his back on that life until one day the mysterious Sacha played by Yuliia Sobol turns up literally at his new job as a bouncer to convince him to help her avenge her father’s death by their common enemies.  Yuliia has a breakout performance in this movie and you can expect to see quite more of her in the future.  No spy thriller would be complete without twists and turns and ever changing allegiances and Legacy of Lies is no different; however, you throw in the Scott Adkins factor and you know you will have some good old popcorn action fight scenes and gun battles.  Do not miss this film, it will surprise you with intrigue and entertain you.

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