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Often people see on the nightly news that drones are used for military purposes or by Hollywood production companies, but there is a growing use among drone enthusiasts for humanitarian purposes such as for search and rescue operations. One such organization is SWARM (Search With Aerial RC Multirotor) which was founded by Jim Bowers. Jim started off as a model airplane and helicopter RC (radio controlled) enthusiast and then in 2013 he was approached by a family to aid in the search and rescue of Eric Garcia who had gone missing. Although the Garcia Family story had a sad ending, Jim went on to found SWARM (SARdrone.org) which has volunteer members in 42 countries including 47 states in the US. In the video below where Jim gives his testimonial, he also explains the two types of drones commonly used which are the fixed wings such as the SKYeye which looks more like a model airplane and Multirotors such as the DJI which looks more like a helicopter with multiple propellers. These drones can get into tight spots where normal helicopters can not fit due to size restrictions and can easily hover 150 to 250 feet overhead. Some even have ranges of 2.5 miles.


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