Malibu Rally

If you are visiting California or a local to Southern California, here are some tips on El Matador and Point Dume beaches.  Both beaches are lovely as you make your way to them while driving along the famous Pacific Coast Highway (PCH).  El Matador is not your regular park and walk to the beach, this one requires a bit more effort and climbing up and down a long set of stairs along the side of a cliff.  The beach is narrow so you will not see a multitude of people lounging on their towels catching some sunshine.  This beach is more for walking and enjoying the scenic rock formations and cliffs.  There is a charge of $3 per hour for parking or $10 for the full day at the time of this video.  Point Dume beach on the other hand is more of your park and walk to the beach with long stretches of sand monitored by liefguards when on duty.  Both beaches are beautful and in the the video, Jessica Gioglio takes you on an unfiltered tour and the Malibu Farm Cafe for lunch.  Enjoy!


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