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How to Use Your Bluetooth Headphones with Your Smart TV


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OK, so you bought a nice flat screen TV or chances are you already have one.  You might even have a soundbar for it, but for the ultimate Netflix movie going experience, you want to use your high end bluetooth headphones: Bose, Beats, B&O, or other pricey models.

MEE Audio Connect offers the perfect solution all in a tiny box around the size of a golf ball.  Everything comes in the box, the USB power cable, optical audio cable, RCA plugs, and stereo cable. On a newer model TV set, chances are you just need the optical audio cable and USB power cable that can plug straight into the back of your TV.

One of the biggest question we are asked at ROKVU is how to enable the bluetooth on your Smart TV.  Some models like Samsung allow you to us special codes to go into  a hiddent menu and unlock this feature, but it is hit or miss if it will work for you.  Now with the MEE Audio Connect, you go for a sure thing in a tiny unobtrusive package which you can easily hide behind the TV and the quality is superb.  No noticeable latency was detected with Bose 700 noise cancelling headphones.

Take our word for it and give this device a try, it is so worth is, PLUS you can connect two bluetooth headphones at the same time so you can watch a movie or TV with another person.

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