The New King of Heavy Weight Boxing – Anthony Ruiz Jr.



In one of the wildest boxing upsets in history, Anthony Joshua was defeated by a relatively unknown boxer, Anthony Ruiz Jr., who was third in line to challenge Anthony for the title.  Anthony’s was supposed to fight Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller, but he failed multiple drug tests.  Then, Anthony was supposed to fight Luis Ortiz, but he passed and third in line was Andy Ruiz, Jr.  At first things did not look good for Andy who was knocked down in the third round, but he got back up and walloped the champ to the floor.  Within the same third round, Andy knocked down Anthony a second time. By the seventh round, it was all over for Anthony.  Anthony later claimed Andy landed a lucky punch in the third round that gave him a concussion.  By the seventh round, Andy knocked down Anthony twice and the referee called the match, it was all over for Anthony.


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