TACO SHOP – movie review


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Working at a fast food restaurant is a right of passage for many teens whom would all too much rather forget about their experiences of wearing an ugly work outfit and mumbling the all too familiar, “Would you like fries with your order?” Often teens find themselves in a Catch 22 of being too young to have real work experience and feeling lost because you can’t have work experience without a job.  Nonetheless, fast food restaurants become a viable option for teens in need of money.  This is the case with Smokes (played by Tyler Posey from MTV’s Teen Wolf fame) who makes the best of his current economic situation when he learns that his mother (played by Laura Harring best known for Mulholland Falls) is in a tight financial spot.  In need of money, Smokes finds himself working at Taco Dollar owned by a former Porn Star, Gill (played by the talented comedian Rick Najera).  What could go wrong?  Apparently everything when a rival taco truck sets up shop across the street owned by Bruce (Brian Huskey) a ruthless business owner intent on being the Taco King of the city and bringing the Taco Dollar to ruin.  Gill, Smokes, and the cute Susie (played by Veronica Diaz Carranza) are not going to take things lightly and devise a hilarious scheme to fight back as comedy ensues.

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