This film has all of the hallmarks of a Millennium Media and Saban Films movie with a great cast and a somewhat decent plot line; unfortunately, the delivery wasn’t quite there.  The cast is great for an independent movie and will certainly make one take a look and at least watch the trailer.  The trailer has a great pace, a lot of movement, intensity, and the makings of a thriller.  Academy Award Winner Adrian Brody, Academy Award Nominee John Malkovich, Golden Globe Nominee Antonio Banderas, and Rory Culkin are great actors and can pretty much carry any film.  As mentioned before the premise is good, you have three bank robbers (Adrian, John, and Rory) holed up in a giant warehouse hiding from the police, but little do they know that they are stuck with a vicious Cujo type dog.  The fault is in the story…  There is only so much you can do in a warehouse with people being chased by a dog…  If you are a sucker for decent cast, then watch the movie, but you were warned…

If you don’t want to heed the warning, you can Buy or Rent by clicking on the poster below:


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