Each year, currently in November, the American Film Market (AFM) is in full swing.  The AFM is a film bazzar whereby independent film representatives known as Sales Agent take over the Loews Hotel in Santa Monica and convert it into offices.  All of the beds and traditional hotel furnishings are removed from the entire building and in their places are left desks, coffee tables, flat screen TVs, and hanging movie posters.  Roaming the hallways are Buyers typically those who represent movie distributors from outside the United States.  Santa Monica tends to be very warm and sunny in November so it is not that difficult recruiting Buyers from colder regions of the world to hang out beachside while watching movies.

In the lobby of the AFM, would be filmmakers, producers, actors, writers, and Sales Agents along with Buyers get a chance to mingle in hopes of working together on future film projects.  As can be expected, the lobby area is quite the scene especially around the bar area.  Not replete with any distractions, there are also hanging flat screen TVs in the lobby showing trailers of movies available to international distributors (Buyers).  One of the trailers that was playing in the lobby was Guardians, a superhero action movie made in Russia which seems like a cross between X-Men and G.I. Joe.  As can be seen from the trailer, it was no surprise that audiences really liked it and will be excited to hear more about it as it is released in 2017.


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