Parents used to get upset when their kids would playe videogames for hours upon hours.  The kids would neglect their homework, chores, and the sedentary lifestyle was seen as unhealthy.  Well, now with competitive gaming, there is a whole new world that has thrusted E-Sports onto the world stage with over 134 million viewers annually from around the world watching their favorite players forming teams of five as they play online tournaments such as The International DOTA 2 (Death of the Ancients) Championships with combined prize monies upwards of $18 million in front of thousands of fans at traditional sports venues like the KeyArena in Seattle, Washington.  The teams have colorful names such as Cloud 9, CDEC, Empire, MVP, and Monkey Business.  The players also have interesting nicknames such as BigDaddy, EternaLEnVy, bOne7, FATA, and MiSeRy.  Computer companies, tournament organizers, sponsors, and the players themselves have elevated playing videogames to the level of professional athletes.


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