Everyone’s favorite internet pirate, Kim (Schmitz) Dotcom, faces extradition to the United States, based on the ruling of a New Zealand judge, to face charges of copyright infringement, racketeering, and money laundering.  Along with Kim, his fellow pirateers are also eligible for extradition: Mathias Ortmann, Bram van der Kolk, and Finn Batato.

Kim started his career as a computer hacker and when he got in trouble with the authorities, he started an internet security company, Data Protect, which he later sold for millions.  This allowed him to live a decadent lifestyle in his 20s which he flaunted on the internet. Then, he was later arrested again for an essential pump-and-dump scheme involving an internet company called in which he proclaimed to be a big investor in the company and when the stock price rose, he quickly dumped the shares at a profit.  After this incident, he disappeared from public view to later resurface as a family man living in New Zealand and the head of MegaUpload.  When Kim Dotcom was arrested, it made headlines around the world as his rented mansion, the largest in New Zealand, the Chrisco Mansion which he dubbed the Dotcom Mansion was raided with impressive firepower, helicopters, and men clad in black military tactical clothes.  MegaUpload was a digital locker in which people could easily store large files on the ‘digital cloud’ and share.  Unfortunately, it proved very easy to use in the pirating of copyrighted materials, mostly big Hollywood studio movies.

Fortunately, for Kim (Schmitz) Dotcom, he was recently given access to a frozen bank account in Hong Kong to the tune of US$50 million which will no doubt serve as a nice war chest to file an appeal.

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