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Typically, store clerks at liquor stores tend to make little money and are often women. These jobs are very dangerous for the amount of pay primarily because of robberies that can turn into deadly encounters. One way to even the odds as the ChildPeople.com found out is for liquor store owners to hire veterans like Jon Lewis Alexander who did four tours of duty in Iraq, worked as a prison guard, and also served as a bounty hunter. In the video below, an armed robber enters a liquor store while smoking a cigarette with his left-hand and holding a gun behind his back with his right-hand. The robber walks up to the store counter and demands money from the store clerk, Jon Lewis Alexander, then brandishes his gun. In one seamless motion, Jon is able to push down the robber’s right-hand onto the counter as he reaches for his own gun from behind his waist and shoves the gun into the robber’s mouth with his right-hand. The training and nerves of steal that Jon must have are incredible. Watch the video below to see the security surveillance video from inside the liquor store.

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