While many Americans are homeless, malnourished, and lacking the basic necessities of life, you have many people who take advantage of the system through various forms of fraud involving public assistance benefits. Here, we have Andrea and Colin Chisholm who were welfare, food stamp, and medicare cheats while living on a $1,200,000 yacht, owning a Lexus sedan, having more than $3,000,000 in various bank accounts, and owning a luxury lakeside vacation home. The couple bilked the system which is mainly funded by American taxpayers out of more than $160,000 in public assistance benefits from Minnesota and Florida. Colin Chisholm claimed to be a Scottish Aristocrat who made a fortune in broadcasting and Andrea Chisholm claimed to be a champion dog breeder of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. In true fashion, whatever goes up must come down and the couple was recently extraditied from the Bahamas where they were hiding out to face the music.


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