Here is one for the – This might serve as a dissencentive for someone wanting to become a dictator, but sadly as history will point out, there is no shotage of evil people wanting to live off the riches of the masses while oppressing them and committing genocide. In this posting, we go back to 1989 in Romania which was ruled by Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife, Elena Ceausescu, who was conveniently, the Deputy Prime Minister of the country. Talk about nepotism… While the people lived in poverty and the infant mortality rate was the highest in Europe, the Dictator and his wife lived in luxury and had the nation fearful of the secret police, the Securitate, which essentially had created a police state and keeping the masses fearful of systematic surveillance as to keep them from uniting and asserting their human rights. Eventually, the people of Romania reached a tipping point, ousted the Dictator, tried him for genocide, and executed him.

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